Primary Outcomes

Key Stage 1

Any Key Stage 1 learners attend an intervention place and remain dual-registered with their mainstream school.  They complete their assessments including their national Phonics tests at their mainstream school.

Key Stage 2 SATs (Year 6)

If there are any Y6 learners who are attending an intervention place and are therefore dual-registered, they complete their statutory assessments at their mainstream school.

Single registered Y6 learners are not entered into the statutory assessments.  In line with national guidance a learner is / should not be entered into the tests if either:

  • the learner is working at a level below the level of the tests;
  • the learner is working at the level of the tests but unable to access them;
  • the learner’s standard of attainment cannot be established because they have just arrived in school.


In line with guidance from the Information Commissioners Office, we do not publish data for groups of less than 10 children.  This is because when publishing performance data for small groups/cohorts, such as exam results or swimming competency information, individual learners can become identifiable.