Medical Needs

We provide an education for learners across the borough who are not in school due to medical reasons.  These learners have access of up to 25 hours provision but the actual hours of learning is always determined by the health/’wellness’ of the learner so may vary from week to week depending on medical advice.  Learners are dual registered with their mainstream school and we work closely with the learners, their families, schools and other agencies to ensure smooth and effective transition back into mainstream education as health improves.

We offer a blended approach to tuition depending on the needs of the individual which may include individual teaching, live online lessons, teacher/HLTA tuition either in the home or mainstream school, as well as teaching onsite at Hindley Campus for secondary age learners.

Inpatient Medical Needs

We also provide online learning material for learners who are in-patients on Rainbow Ward at RAEI.  Patients are able to access our online learning resources supported by ward staff.  We also attend the ward 4 afternoons per week to deliver lessons to those children fit enough to attend.

Whilst these learners have access to 25 hours online provision but the actual hours of learning is always determined by the health of the learner and may vary from day to day depending on medical advice and so is determined by ward staff.

Medical Needs Outreach

Some medical needs referrals are for short term support whilst the learner either recovers from hospital treatment or is reintegrated back into school following periods of absence due to physical/mental health issues.  These learners receive up to six weeks support.  This is usually a combination of direct teaching to help the learner complete work from their mainstream school and access to online lessons.  The timetable is negotiated with each individual school, who also provide the work to be completed.

Learners who are supported to attend their mainstream school follow the curriculum and exam courses of that provision.