KS4 Curriculum

Curriculum structure

Our Key stage 4 curriculum is designed to give every learner access to a range of recognised and externally accredited qualifications that include both academic and vocational subjects.  Emotional Literacy is delivered through form time and PSHE as well as within lessons.

We expect every learner to achieve a qualification in English and maths as a minimum, whether this is at entry level or GCSE.  Our curriculum also includes opportunities to study art, childcare, cooking, drama, ICT, and science as well as The Achieve Programme (supported by The Prince’s Trust).  Our programmes of study include GCSEs, iGCSEs, Entry level, Level 1 and Level 2 (various) vocational qualifications, Open Awards and BTECs.

We incorporate vocational placements and work-related learning into our weekly timetable so that our learners have real-life work place learning experience to support their progress to further education, employment and training.


Learners are taught in year-specific, mixed ability groups of up to 8 and teaching staff are reflective and plan accordingly for learners’ individual needs.

Outdoor Education – Y10 only

We recognise that a full academic programme is not always appropriate and does not always meet need.  Through outdoor education learners are encouraged to develop practical ‘hands – on’ skills, which also aid communication and team building and preparation for the later stages of education, training and work.

Personalisation – Y11 only

If a learner joins us late in year 11 and they have been studying something not usually available within our curriculum offer (e.g. a modern foreign language or a humanities subject GCSE), we will try hard to provide a continuation of that subject whenever possible.  We are not able to do this for hard technology subjects e.g engineering.