KS3 Curriculum

Core Curriculum

Learners in a Key Stage 3 group will receive a full and varied curriculum which includes a core curriculum of English, Maths, Personal Development (PSHE), Outdoor Education and Targeted Emotional Literacy (TEL) as well as art, cooking, ICT, PE and science.  However, the development of literacy, numeracy skills and social emotional and behaviour management are priority with KS3 groups to assist in re-integration back into a mainstream school.

Targeted Emotional Literacy

In an afternoon, the sessions focus on TEL, where the learning focus is on the learner’s individual SEMH needs identified through our 360 assessments.  Learners are grouped so that the sessions are tailored to help them make progress towards their own personal targets.

Where other issues arise such as drugs misuse, alcohol, personal health or safeguarding a range of agencies/professionals such as the NSPCC, YPDAS, school nurses, Police or Fire Service may be brought in to deliver sessions to support the specific needs of our learners.  Relationships and Sex Education is also provided at levels appropriate to the age and mature of the learner.

Outdoor Education

We recognise that a full academic programme is not always appropriate and does not always meet need.  Through outdoor education learners are encouraged to develop practical ‘hands – on’ skills, which also aid communication and team building and preparation for the later stages of education, training and work.


Learners are taught in mixed ability and mixed aged teaching groups of up to 8 within this key stage and teaching staff are reflective and plan accordingly for learners’ individual needs.  For TEL sessions, learners are grouped so that the sessions can focus on particular skill development.