Blended Learning (BL)

Three Towers understands the value of using online learning activities to support the educational provision we offer and so we use a blended learning approach with some of our learners.

Online learning, sometime called remote or virtual learning, is offered as part of a blended learning timetable, which is tailored to the needs of the individual learner.  Live lessons in English, maths, Science, Work Related Learning and PSHE take place online in the mornings, delivered via Microsoft Teams. Learners also study an option online – a choice from Art, Cooking, Psychology or a Vocational course related to their individual needs or aspirations.

Where possible, learners are expected to attend at least two onsite afternoon sessions per week to support and extend their online studies.

If appropriate learners may also access a vocational placement or work experience.

Additionally, some learners may be set tasks to complete for enrichment and to aid particular aspects of their personal development – visiting colleges, museums, libraries, going shopping, doing sport etc.  These activities are personalised to meet the identified SEMH needs of each learner, including improving their independence, resilience, and self-confidence.

Learners’ attendance, attitude to learning and progress towards their targets are monitored and rewarded in the same way as onsite learners.

All learners are expected to work towards accreditation including GCSEs, and BTEC’s alongside other qualifications.

Access to Microsoft Teams or other software on a laptop or other device.

If a learner has access to their own laptop, tablet or other suitable device, then they may be allowed to use that to access the live online lessons. Alternatively, a laptop may be borrowed from school and if needed we may also provide a MiFi for internet access too. Laptops provided by Three Towers are filtered to only allow access to appropriate software and webpages.

Access to support online.

A member of staff is also online for most of the timetabled day and learners can get basic training, information, advice, or support from them if needed.