Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

Work related learning together with independent, personalised advice gives a context for learners – it marks the start of their pathway into adulthood and the world of work.  We want our learners to be confident in their choices, leaving Three Towers with qualifications and confidence ready to start the next phase of their learning.

We aim to equip our learners to manage the changes and transitions affecting their future education, training or employment; to manage their careers, sustain employment; and to achieve personal and economic wellbeing as an active 21st Century citizen.


Provision of careers education, information, advice and guidance will be delivered by TTAPA staff and monitored by:

CLT Link:                                             Mrs C Lynch – Deputy Headteacher

Careers Leader:                                 Ms J Heyes - Head of Vocational Learning

Independent Careers Advisor:        Ms Sharon O'Hara - Aspiring Futures