Admissions Arrangements

Parents/carers cannot apply for their child to attend Three Towers.

Our planned places can be commissioned by local authorities, schools and medical consultants.  The vast majority of places are commissioned on a full time basis, although some medical needs places may be commissioned on a part-time basis for outreach support to reintegrate a child back into school.

Wigan Council currently commissions 193 places so schools should refer to the Access & Inclusion Team for consideration of a referral to Three Towers.

Medical referrals should also be submitted via the Access and Inclusion team.  The referral form should be accompanied by supporting evidence from a medical professional including recommendations about the extent of support required.

If you are an organisation that wants to know how to commission a place please email:

Number of Places

The number and type of place varies in response to the needs of the learners being referred, but the total number of places for full time provision are limited by available staffing.  Outreach medical needs teaching is more flexible and responsive to need.

Admission Arrangements

Referrals to Three Towers are considered and accepted on a needs-led basis.

Key Stage 1

These are part time intervention places and are considered by the half-termly Inclusion Panel.

Key Stage 2

As with Key Stage 1, referrals for intervention places are considered by the half-termly Inclusion Panel.

Referrals for learners permanently excluded from their primary school are considered on a case by case basis depending on capacity and need.  We will endeavour to admit those referrals which we accept within six days from receiving the referral.

Key Stage 3 and 4

Referrals are considered by the weekly Referral & Placement Panel.

Medical needs referrals

Referrals for children with medical needs are considered on a case by case basis as they are received.

In considering each referral to Three Towers, the panels discuss not only the appropriateness of the placement for the learner referred but also the effect the new referral will have on the wider group before deciding whether to accept the referral.

Once a referral has been accepted the relevant Admissions & Induction procedure is followed.  This process depends on the type of referral; the key stage the learner is in; the support requested in the referral; the identified needs of the individual referred (including their wellness); the expected outcomes for the placement at Three Towers.

Whilst personalised to the learner the different procedures have common strands – a handover meeting at the learner’s mainstream school; a meeting with parents and when appropriate external agencies involved with the learner; a variety of academic baseline assessments, a 360 pastoral assessment; a risk assessment and a visit to the Campus for those referred for onsite provision.