Elected Remote Learning

Learning will take place via Microsoft Teams.

All learners have received lessons on accessing and using Microsoft Teams to support remote home learning if the need for a lockdown occurs.

Learners will follow the school day and their normal weekly timetable to provide some consistency and allow things to feel as normal as possible and will ensure no learners lose valuable curriculum time.

Using Ofsted’s guidance “What’s working well in remote education” (January 2021) we will use different approaches to remote education to suit different types of content and learners. Mixed models may be effective in some cases. For example, we may use the so-called ‘flipped learning’ model. In this, new content is taught through an asynchronous learning (when the material is prepared by the teacher and accessed by the pupil at a later date either through a recorded lesson or using work booklets.)  Practice, tutoring and feedback are then done synchronously.


If you have asked for your child to access elected remote learning they must attend their online sessions in the same way they would attend their onsite lessons unless we have been notified of a legitimate reason for their absence and authorised it e.g. your child is poorly or has a medical appointment.

The register for each lesson will be taken by the teacher in the same way that they would be in their onsite lessons so it is important that learners expect to have to interact with the teacher during the lesson.

Attendance will be monitored in the same way as usual and you will be contacted if your child is absent from their online session.  If you child repeatedly fails to attend their online timetable for 3 days without authorisation then the option to work remotely will be withdrawn and your child will be expected to attend onsite as normal.