Uniform Expectations

These are explained at the initial parental meeting.  Three Towers have tried to ensure the uniform expectations do not require significant additional costs to parents/carers and wherever possible reflect the expectations of the mainstream schools who we work alongside as it is our aim to return our learners to mainstream provision.

Whelley Campus Onsite:
Learners were their mainstream school uniform on the days they attend Three Towers.  Jewellery is restricted to a pair of plain gold stud earrings, which must be removed for PE and swimming, and a wrist watch.

Sturdy traditional school shoes and a sensible outdoor coat are required in line with the learners mainstream school uniform expectations.

For PE, learners again should wear what would be expected at their mainstream school.

Hindley Campus Onsite:
As learners have often been to more than one high school, Three Towers has tried to ensure that uniform expectations do not result in parents/carers incurring additional costs.

Learners should wear:

  • Black trousers – not jeans/jeans type pants (Girls may wear a black knee length skirt with opaque tights)
  • White polo shirt or white open neck tailored shirt
  • Plain black sweatshirt – no hoodies
  • Black shoes (or black trainers if no logos)
  • Jewellery – limited to one small plain pair of stud earrings, one small signet type ring (must be flush with hand) and a watch.  Ear stretchers must be removed for school.
  • Facial piercings – eyebrows, lips nose etc. are NOT allowed and must be removed.
  • Make up must be subtle.  Hair colours must be of a natural colour – non-natural colours must be dyed out within a week

This is provided for learners in Key Stage 3 & 4

Vocational Learning Offsite:
Learners should follow the dress code stipulated by the alternative provider as they are best placed to ensure that the clothing is appropriate to the activities being undertaken and do not pose a health and safety risk to the learner.  If specialist uniform is required it will be provided for learners e.g. Rigga boots for construction.