KS3 Curriculum

Students in a Key Stage 3 group will receive a full and varied curriculum which includes: English, Maths, Science, PSHE, Art, Home Cooking Skills, History and PE.

All our learners have either Social, Emotional or Mental Health (SEMH) issues therefore supporting development of these areas is a priority in our setting. Emotional Literacy is taught through form time and within lessons. Subjects such as PE, Art and Cooking are delivered with the learning focus being SEMH and the learner’s individual behaviour targets. Targeted Emotional Literacy sessions are also delivered for some learners on Anger Management, Rights and Responsibilities, Transition and Self Esteem. Where other issues arise such as drugs, alcohol, personal health or safeguarding a range of agencies/professionals such as the NSPCC, the Life Education Team, the Drug and Alcohol Team, Police or Fire Service may be brought in to deliver sessions to support the specific needs of our learners.

Baseline data of each learner is gathered at the point of referral. This data provides the benchmark from which academic progress can be measure. This information is analysed at teacher level and planning is individualised to meeting the learners needs and narrowing any gaps in knowledge they may have. Interventions may be put in place if a learner is failing to make expected progress or a specific learning need is identified.