Some learners access eLearning as part of the educational provision provided by Three Towers.  This may be full time or as part of a timetable that includes sessions in the academy, at other schools, work experience or sessions with vocational providers.

An eLearning package involves access to some or all of the following:

Access to eLearning software on a laptop/computer. If a learner has access to their own machine then they could use that, otherwise they can borrow a computer/laptop from Three Towers, along with some way of gaining internet access. These machines are filtered to allow access only to appropriate software and webpages. Learners are expected to log on to their computers twice daily and a register is taken.

Learners are provided with a curriculum that best suits their ability, needs and aspirations. They always study core subjects and work towards qualifications in line with Three Towers expectations. Learners are provided with a daily timetable that indicates what they should be working on in each session. Learners are rewarded in line with Three Towers policy for meeting their individual learning and behaviour targets.

Access to direct tutor sessions – some learners will receive a one to one visit either in the home or at a mutually convenient location at least once, but more usually twice a week. During this time the tutor will review work done independently through the week, provide a teaching session and set tasks for the coming week. Tasks set might be paper based, practical or online and are designed to meet curriculum policy in different subjects.

Access to tutors online – all learners can access help or support from tutors working online in timetabled sessions. Learners can directly ask the tutors questions, or can take part in a live interactive lesson.

Useful documents for eLearners