Behaviour Policy

The key elements of our behaviour policy are:

We believe all of our students can do well.

We encourage success by supporting them to meet the following Code of Conduct in every teaching setting, including on visits and when working with specialist providers:




At the Phoenix Centre we value you and expect you to VALUE YOURSELF


Be ready to learn

·         Be on time, use a clock or a watch;

·         Dress appropriately in correct uniform;

·         Eat & drink in appropriate places;

·         Hand in mobile phones [this needs to be more explicit to avoid “negotiations”] on arrival

Be respectful

·         Listen to others and expect to be listened to;

·         Follow instructions [first time]

·         Use appropriate and positive language;

·         Keep hands, feet, objects and personal comments to yourself;

·         Look after the building, displays and equipment;

·         Stay for the whole session.

Be safe

·         Follow classroom rules for health & safety;

·         Be in the right place at the right time

·         Move safely around the building


You have the right to learn, to feel safe, to be respected and to be treated fairly






2 warnings



Time Out



RJ session



Merits / Vivos


You can earn merits/Vivo points in every session you attend including all structured lessons as well as during break and lunchtime. A maximum of 5 may be given in each session for:


Meeting School expectations :

·         Be ready to learn                   1 merit / Vivo

·         Be respectful                           1 merit / Vivo

·         Be safe                                   1 merit / Vivo

Meeting Learning target                    1 merit / Vivo

Meeting Personal behaviour target   1 merit / Vivo [? Medical needs and young mums and e-learners]


What this means in practice


Be ready to learn

This means:

  • We expect students to be in lessons or other learning activities actively participating in learning throughout the day.
  • We expect parents to send children in uniform and on time. We expect they will support us in disciplining their child for missing learning and help them complete any missed work. We hold parents accountable for their actions and the actions of their child through our home school contracts
  • We expect staff to ensure our lessons are engaging, highly differentiated and specifically targeted to help each child make progress from lesson to lesson. We expect that non-engagement will be challenged and worked through individually if necessary with the child concerned. We hold staff accountable for their actions and professional standards through performance management


Be respectful

This means:

  • We expect students to talk to staff, visitors, and each other using polite verbal and non-verbal communications. We expect that where this has not happened students will discuss issues in meetings with staff to prevent further problems and repair relationships.
  • We expect that children will not disrupt the learning of other students or cause damage to property, equipment or learning materials.
  • We expect parents to set high standards for the way their children speak with staff and other students and support us in any disciplinary actions where this is necessary.
  • We expect staff to treat our students with respect. We expect staff to have high expectations of students’ behaviour and achievement and to be positive role models.


Be safe

This means

  • We expect students to follow our health and safety rules at all times and refrain from any behaviour or activity that is dangerous to themselves or others. This includes upholding our no smoking policy.
  • We expect parents to pay for damage caused by unsafe behaviour and support us in any disciplinary matters concerning safety.
  • We expect staff to follow our health and safety policy at all times. If staff feel a student’s behaviour is unsafe they must immediately ask them to desist and use a gradual and graded approach to de-escalate the issues. It may be necessary for staff, using their judgment and knowledge from Team Teach training, to physically intervene to prevent significant harm. Guidance is available in the staff handbook.

We expect everyone to follow our anti bullying policy. Bullying stops people feeling safe.